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The Safeguard Health & Safety Handbook 2024 is a practical compliance guide covering key areas of New Zealand health and safety law. It assists health and safety practitioners, workers and managers in understanding and applying workplace health and safety principles.


This edition incorporates legislative and regulatory developments since the previous edition, as well as new case studies and examples demonstrating real-world application of concepts. It has been updated to include new analysis such as the cases that came out of the Whakaari/White Island disaster, particularly around duties of PCBUs; accident compensation cover of “mental injury” and occupational health.


The handbook covers:

  • Core concepts and duties of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; Responsibilities of duty holders like PCBUs and officers; Leadership's role in safety performance; Risk management, hazards, and safe work procedures; Health and safety case analysis; The enforcement regime; The accident compensation scheme; and Occupational health and wellbeing.

 The author team includes leading health and safety, and compliance experts.

 This publication is an invaluable resource for everyone concerned with managing health and safety risks, achieving and extending compliance, and most importantly, keeping people safe.

Authors:  Mike Cosman, Michael Tooma, Craig Marriott, Beatrix Woodhouse, DeAnne Brabant

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