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The Trustee’s Handbook is a must have for trustees, trust advisers and anyone involved with administering trusts.

This 6th edition includes 120 precedent minutes and resolutions.  The precedents reflect day-to-day decisions that trustees make and matters that trustees need to take into consideration.

As well as references to contemporary case law, the book includes comprehensive and practical checklists to guide trustees as they go about the everyday business of being a trustee.

Topics covered include:

  • the practical implications of the Trusts Act 2019
  • default and mandatory decisions
  • ascertaining beneficiary needs
  • source of wealth considerations
  • factors to consider when structuring a trust
  • factors to consider when deciding whether to accept appointment as a trustee
  • reviewing a trust deed
  • whether or not to act personally or through a corporate trustee
  • practical considerations for corporate trustees
  • important set-up procedures for administration
  • decision making
  • how to exercise powers of investment
  • how to ratify decisions
  • gifting considerations
  • how to retire as a trustee.

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