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Memoranda of Wshes considers the development of memoranda of wishes and relevant case law, providing valuable guidance on how to construct a memorandum of wishes that will properly promote the settlor's intentions and directions to trustees. This text also considers the legal position of memoranda of wishes with respect to the Trusts Act - as core documents and in light of trustees' disclosure obligations.

Practical Guide Legal Issues for Older People fills a gap and gives practical guidance on the legal issues affecting people as they age. It covers the issues involved in planning for older age, the issues faced by older people as they deal with new and changing circumstances, planning for how to deal with estates and assets and, finally, the often inconvenient issues of dealing with death and what follows. 

A Practical Guide to Capacity considers the various legal tests for capacity, relevant legislation and case law, and provides valuable practical guidance on what is required to identify and address concerns relating to capacity, mitigate any challenges and protect the adviser and client / patient.

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