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"Sale of Land" by Donald William McMorland is a comprehensive guide to the law of New Zealand relating to the sale of land. The book aims to provide an account of this law within a reasonable compass, including discussions of major subject areas that commonly arise.

The book emphasizes that the sale of land is governed by the general law of contract, just like any other contract. It does not discuss areas such as illegality or mistake, which, though applicable, arise infrequently in the context of land sale. These areas are fully discussed elsewhere in the New Zealand literature.

However, the book does discuss other matters of general application that arise more frequently. These include agency, misrepresentation, contract formation, and aspects of remedies. The author thought it desirable to set out, albeit briefly, the principal tenets of these areas.

The book also discusses matters particular to the sale of land, such as title or settlement. These require full discussion.

The fourth edition of the book, based on the 11th edition 2022 agreement for sale and purchase form, states the law as at 31 December 2021. It includes changes in the relevant statute law and significant judgments of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. It also discusses the impact of the computerisation of banking procedures on the conveyancing process.

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