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Privacy Law in New Zealand offers a broad-ranging examination of privacy principles from theoretical and practical perspectives. Drawing on the foundations of the first two editions, the third edition updates the text throughout and incorporates the new Privacy Act 2020. The table of contents has been expanded and revised to include new chapters on the courts, education, data flow, business, social media and remedies. Privacy Law in New Zealand remains the only treatise-style analysis of privacy law and is a valuable resource for academics, privacy law specialists, general practice lawyers, along with those practising in the areas of employment, health, human rights, internet and new media, and education. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Thinking about Privacy Chapter 2: Privacy and Maori Concepts Chapter 3: Statutory Privacy Protection in New Zealand Chapter 4: Common Law Privacy Protection in New Zealand Chapter 5: Common Law Privacy Protection in Other Jurisdictions Chapter 6: Privacy and Media Regulation Chapter 7: Privacy and Social Media Chapter 8: Privacy and New Information Technologies Chapter 9: Privacy and Children Chapter 10: Privacy and Education Chapter 11: Privacy and the Courts Chapter 12: Privacy and Healthcare Chapter 13: Privacy and Employment Chapter 14: Privacy and Business Chapter 15: Privacy and Data Flow Chapter 16: Surveillance Chapter 17: Privacy Remedies Chapter 18: Privacy Future Directions

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