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The Law of Contract in New Zealand, originally written by John Burrows, Jeremy Finn, and Stephen Todd, was first published in 1997. John Burrows and Jeremy Finn have both retired from their authorship, and while the book is now titled Burrows, Finn and Todd on the Law of Contract in New Zealand, this 7th, edition has been written by Stephen Todd and Matthew Barber. As it has for 25 years, the title provides definitive coverage of the law of contract in New Zealand. The comprehensiveness, depth of analysis, coverage, and clarity of the discussion ensures that this is the first point of reference for the legal practitioner, law student, and all those interested in this important field of law. The new edition discusses many significant developments in case law and legislation over the last four years. The various topics that contain new and substantial material include contract formation, contractual interpretation, terms implied in fact, cancellation, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, and unconscionable bargains. New discussion in the particular field of damages includes the award of negotiating damages, the test for remoteness, damage within the scope of a contracting party's duty, and the ambit of the doctrine of penalties.

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