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Challenge and Change: Judging in Aotearoa New Zealand

Authored by leading judges, legal academics, and practitioners, deriving from a seminar devised by Chief Justice Winkelmann and Justice Kós for the Institute of Judicial Legal Studies. Its focus is on how judges have dealt with social, demographic, and economic change, and the difficulties they have faced with the Legislature and the Executive. The book is split in to four parts - each exploring in depth an important topic, but written to be accessible and of interest and value, to a wide range of readers.

Fragile Foundations: The Application of English Criminal Law to Crimes Committed in New Zealand between 1826 and 1907

This new book examines a series of notable criminal trials to understand how the indiscriminate application of English criminal law in New Zealand during the 19th century shaped the landscape of contemporary society.

These trials shed light on why Māori continue to be adversely affected by the country’s criminal justice system.

It also exposes the punitive way in which English criminal law was applied during the pre-colonial and colonial eras, a trait that still influences modern New Zealand society.

The clashes between the laws and values of European settlers and those of Māori societies are likened to a subduction zone, where tectonic plates press against each other and occasionally rupture with long-term consequences. This book delves into the historical context and legal implications of these clashes, providing valuable insights into New Zealand’s legal history and its impact on present-day society.

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