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New Zealand Bill of Rights Act: A Commentary, 2nd edition, is the authoritative text on the law relating to the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. Written in a lively style, the commentary contains a detailed analysis of this short but important piece of constitutional legislation. Each chapter of the book follows a pattern of outlining similar provisions in comparable human rights systems (domestic and international), discussing the purposes of each right or provision in issue, engaging in a detailed examination of the meaning of the text of each provision, examining the extent to which justified limits can be placed on guaranteed rights and freedoms, and concluding by considering issues related to remedies where relevant. This second edition reflects the authors' many years of combined experience in human rights law as both practitioners and academics. Comparative analysis is a strong feature of the commentary. Throughout, the authors evaluate and critique New Zealand and overseas decisions and offer their own views as to how Bill of Rights law should develop in the future. The book's accessible style, its strong description and analysis of New Zealand case law, and its suggestions as to future developments mean that the commentary will appeal to practitioners, judges, academics, law students and policy advisors.

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