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De Smith’s Judicial Review 9th Edition is a leading work on the history, principles, and practice of judicial review in England and Wales. Authored by Ivan Hare, Catherine Donnelley, Dr. Joanna Bell, and Lord Robert Carnwath, this edition provides comprehensive guidance on judicial review at every stage.

Key features of the book include:

Coverage of the history, theoretical foundations, and principles of judicial review.

Comprehensive treatment of all grounds of challenge, including illegality, procedural impropriety, substantive review, Convention rights, and grounds based on retained EU law.

Examination of complex changes in substantive review, including the use of Parliamentary materials in assessing proportionality, challenges based on policies, and significant cases on devolution.

Full coverage of procedures and remedies, including new suspended quashing orders and the increased emphasis on procedural rigour before the Administrative Court.

Consideration of reform proposals including the Bill of Rights Bill.

Inclusion of comparative material from other leading common law jurisdictions.

The 9th edition has been thoroughly rewritten and updated to account for recent doctrinal developments and theoretical controversies. It includes recent changes to the law on remedies and limiting judicial review by ouster clauses. It also examines retained EU law, separate agreement law, and future relationship law.

This book serves as a valuable resource for legal practitioners, scholars, and students interested in the evolving landscape of judicial review.

UK Title, limited stock available in New Zealand

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